Why Choose Shoppyland?

We make dreams come true, by creating a seamless global shopping experience to make it easy for you to get any product you desire at the lowest price. We are your trusted, convenient, safe, efficient, and affordable personal shopping assistant. All we need from you is the item of interest, a description, website or store, and we can get started. Then, you can trust us to properly locate the item, check if it is available, and have it ready for you at the best possible price. 

In addition… 

  1. We make it easy. No more stress of trying to find a way to receive US products right to your door!  
  2. We are transparent about our fees. We only charge a small flat rate fee per item and are a fraction of the price compared with other personal shoppers for our reliable services and fast shipping. In addition, you will receive a list of what we purchased and at what cost. 
  3. We make quality our top priority. We understand defective items can be frustrating. You will never receive a defective item from us. We ensure everything is properly screened before mailing it to you. 
  4. We translate everything for you so that you are able to communicate in the language you are most comfortable with using. 
  5. We shop according to your tastes and will find your next favorite product at the best competitive price available. 
  6. We are secure, reliable and safe. Your payments and information are safe with us. 
  7. We pack and ship directly from our US warehouse to you using our fast WorldWide Delivery service. Tracking information is always provided.

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Tell us what you’re looking for, and let your Shoppyland personal assistant take care of the rest!